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USM Football’s main mission is to put its players and/or coaches in contact with football clubs around the world.

It represents the interests of its clients and negotiates their contracts (placement, transfer, loan, renegotiation, extension) to ensure that they are the most beneficial for them.

USM Football advises and supports its clients, football players and coaches, with their entourage and their family if necessary, in making the right decisions throughout their professional lives.

It is essential for a talented football player or coach to be supported by a good agent so that they can dedicate themself entirely to their profession. This will enable them to perform as well as possible and be among the best players one day, making a mark in the history of football. 

Choose to win, choose the best football player’s agency, choose USM Football.

Throughout the careers of its clients, USM Football gathers all the data that enables the creation of their value. This is done, in particular, through powerful software, readings of players’ GPS data, statistics related to performances achieved, video analyses of matches, and other cutting-edge applications.

With the help of all this information collected by our dedicated teams, USM Football will create an optimal presentation in a video montage for each of its clients thereby maximising their chances for successful careers with the biggest professional football clubs.

USM Football offers all its footballing talent this guarantee of quality and uncontested professionalism every day.

Be represented by an organised and meticulous players agency.





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USM Football provides its clients with real support in terms of image and communication to always convey a positive image of them, in the press, media and elsewhere.

Digital has become more vital than ever, which is why USM Football also supports and advises its football players and coaches in this field on a daily basis. (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, e-reputation, influence marketing, etc.)

It plays a real role both as a press officer and as a communication and marketing agency, via a network of the most influential partners in the world.

The more valued your image and your communications, the more prominent you will become and your sporting achievements will be positively visible. This is an essential asset in the smooth running of your footballing career with your specialised agency, USM Football.

All year round, USM Football and its commercial team in all four corners of the world keep an active watch in order to seize the best opportunities for its clients.

After drawing up a real professional career plan, valuing their potential thanks to its constantly updated powerful tools, and ensuring the monitored and maintained quality of their image as well as their positive communication...

USM Football creates presentation videos to effectively showcase its clients to all clubs in France & internationally during the transfer window and throughout the year.

It is vital to permanently promote its football players and coaches so they can have the best possible career in accordance with their aptitudes.

USM Football has conducted over 1,200 transactions around the world and today has one of the largest rosters in France and Europe.

USM Football unquestionably sets the standard as an agent for professional football players in France and internationally.




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USM Football, according to the profiles and wishes of its football players, has a dedicated sponsorship team.


It is in direct contact with the representatives of the big sports brands but not only... It can also create personalised connections in other fields.


Sponsorship is an efficient and complementary means of increasing clients’ income as well as improving their reputation.

Active and constant communication by football players is vital to obtain good proposals.

USM Football no longer needs to prove this expertise, as it really does know how to support its football players in sponsorship.

USM Football provides an invaluable and very comprehensive dedicated 5* concierge service for its players and coaches.

Need a car, need to organise a trip, to find the best restaurant, to find the best personal coach, a helicopter, a yacht, VIP concert tickets, a moving company, luxury jewellery or watch, a limousine, a photo-shoot, to organise a private event, to reserve a special place for a private booking, a dry cleaner, a decorator, an architect...

“Ask us, and you’ll have it!”

Our excellent team is at your service and will tailor their response to you, because you are unique.

USM Football will bend over backwards for its clients so that they only have to focus on their profession as high-level athletes.





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USM Football provides an excellent Family Office department specialised in high-level athletes in football.

For more than 23 years, USM Football has been proposing all the personalised services of a Family Office. Its clients use these services throughout their professional footballing life. 

Whether it is the field of property, finance, insurance, taxation, French and international law, wealth management, investments, etc., USM Football supports its professional footballers and coaches at all levels.


Here are some examples of the services offered by USM Football: 

- Proposals for best rates and packages for your real estate financing - Debt consolidation - Mortgages - Insurance (life, personal protection, health, car and home) contracts - Taxation advice - End-to-end assistance for moves abroad - Real estate research - Setting-up property tax exemption operations - Rental property management advice - Establishing contact with notaries and lawyers - Wealth management advice...

USM Football, with its network of partners and experts, all high-level specialists in their fields of competence, provides its clients with real support as well as precious time savings.

USM Football, the international football players’ agency that goes above and beyond!


USM Football has a comprehensive legal department for its clients. A team and legal partners are there to deal with all questions related to employment law, sports law, family law, business law, tax law, property law, international law, and so on.


USM Football commits to support you, advise you and accompany you, regardless of the legal field. 





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